Online Jewish Mystery School

Class Times

  • July 7th-9th (3 days)
  1. Personal projects with Pesach: 1-2pm EST $120 – Book here
  2. Eco Judaism and Activism: 2-3pm EST $120 – Book here
  3. Exploring the Great Unknown (teens): 4-5pm $120 – Book here

  • July 14th-16th (3 days)

  1. Jewish Mystery School (kids): 1-2pm EST $120 – Book here
  2. Song Writing: 3-4pm EST $120Book here
  3. Jewish Mystery School (adults): 4-5pm $120 – Book here

Song Writing!

Let’s write songs together!
Everyone has a song inside. Now is the time to let it out! I will guide you through the process of writing and recording your new song. I can add guitar chords, help with your melody and lyrics if you’d like and at the end we will record your song and share it if we choose to. There is also a pro-bonus option where we send your song to a professional mixer/producer who adds instruments and sound quality and produces your song with a pro-sound!
All levels welcome. Yallah!

  • Level: Intro
  • Age: All
  • Supplies: Notebook, high speed wifi, ZOOM online meeting
  • Dates, Rates  & Times: May 11th to 14th, 4-5pm EST, $140 Book here

Personal Project with Pesach

Pesach will help coach kids on how to use this summer and this novel quarantime in the most meaningful and growthful way possible. Together we will make a plan of action and accountability. We will also discuss methods of achieving more harmony in the home during these special times.

  • Dates, Rates & Times: July 7th-9th, 1-2pm EST $120Book here
  • Supplies: notebook, high-speed internet, & classes are held on ZOOM

The Great Jewish Mystery School for KIDS and ADULTS

Every part of Judaism is in some way about you! In this signature course, we’ll explore the awesomeness in the Torah, in the Jewish holidays, and inside of you. We will discover the secrets of Passover and other holidays, and unpack the magic of foundational Jewish stories. Creative projects will be assigned.  Class size limited to 8. All levels of Jewish knowledge welcome.

  • Age: 11-18
  • Supplies: notebook, high-speed internet, & classes are held on ZOOM
  • Dates, Rates & Times:
  1. KIDS: May 11th to 14th, 2-3pm EST $140Book here
  2. ADULTS: May 11th to 14th, 3-4pm EST $140Book here

Jewish Environmentalism

This world needs our help. The Torah and our ancient tradition is rich with relevant wisdom and instruction on how to be caretakers of creation. In this course we explore Jewish laws and principles of earth care. Each student will design and begin implementing projects around this theme.

  • Age: 9-16
  • Dates, Rates & Time: May 4th to 7th, 2-3pm EST $140Book here
  • Supplies: notebook, high-speed internet, & classes are held on ZOOM
  • Class size: 8