Poems, insights and medicine stories from a free wheelin’, truth-seeking Heeb.

Pesach Dahvid Stadlin
Sustainable Bliss

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Sustainable Bliss is intended as a paradigm-shifting aid towards connecting you with your higher self. Through stories, essays and poems about the journey towards inner and outer harmony, as well as recommended practices for the reader, the book offers a road map for profound shifts in perspective.

“It is the kind of book that when you read it, you come away transformed. You see the world with new eyes.”-Adam Segulah Sher 

Message from the author…
“I’ve been on a quest of conscious living. I’ve been living life for a living! Through this adventure, I’ve discovered practical ways of being and seeing that I’ve found helpful in attaining inner and outer harmony.

Some call it a get-rich-quick book, as our sages teach in Pirkei Avot, ‘Who is rich? S/He who is happy with what they have.’

I would be honored for you to have your own copy of the book.”